[ENGcc]박서준닮은꼴?! 훈남 성형외과실장님과 경험만렙 유투버의 성형외과 잘고르는법!Know-how to select plastic surgery in Korea


성형이 궁금한 친구들을 위해서 박서준 닮은꼴 ㅋㅋ 훈남 성형외과 실장님을 데려왔어요 ㅋㅋㅋ 성형외과 실장님과 저의 #성형외과 잘고르는법 정리해서 이야기 했어용!
성형하고 싶거나 궁금한게 있다면 오픈채팅방으로 와용!

For friends who are curious about plastic surgery, I brought in a handsome plastic surgeon who looks like Park Seo-joon. LOL The head of the Korea plastic surgery department and I talked about how to choose the Korea plastic surgery well!
If you want to get #Koreaplasticsurgery or have any questions, come to the open chat room!
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